This was highlighted by the Chairperson of Ingabo Farmers’ Syndicate Mrs. Cesarie Kantarama in her speech during the official launching of the Cassava Week 2023; an event that took place at Ruhango District HQs from 27-29/12/2024 themed “Best Cassava Seeds, Best Production, Sustainable Food Systems and Farmers’ Economic Growth.”

Mrs. Césarie also called for joint planning in promoting cassava productivity both in quantity and quality between different stakeholders and declared that the Syndicate in collaboration with its partners has embarked on finding lasting solutions to the shortage of improved Cassava Seeds because: “Without improved seeds, no hope for good harvest”

In his speech, the Mayor of Ruhango District Mr. Valens HABARUREMA thanked Ingabo Farmers’ Syndicate for its great role in promoting the production of Cassava which has a great impact in enhancing the economic growth of the residents of this District and other parts of the country and declared that Ruhango District is committed to promote cassava farming in order to feed other areas and make Ruhango district a Cassava Center.

Mayor HABARUREMA also encouraged local farmers and seed multipliers to shape cassava farming and underlined its vital role in nourishing communities and highlighted that: “Ruhango as a Cassava Center urges us to invest our collective efforts for sustainably feed our nation.”

Dr Athanase NDUWUMUREMYI who was representing Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Board (RAB) declared that they have brought 10 new varieties of Cassava resistant to different pests and climates and called for close collaboration between local leaders and farmers in order to avoid the mixture of the new varieties with other existing in order to avoid the spread of pests.

The Acting Executive Secretary of the Southern Province in these ceremonies who was also the guest of honor Mr. Alfred BIKOMO rejoiced for the role of Ingabo Famers’ Syndicate in boosting Cassava productivity among other crops and affirmed that most of the Districts of the Southern Province grow cassava and this crop covers over 50,000 hectares of land.

In his conclusive remarks, Mr. Alfred BIKOMO urged farmers to embrace new farming technologies for a good harvest, to be associated in cooperatives and to work with financial institutions for a quick and collective development leaving none behind.

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