Most of farmers in Rwanda are suffering heavy losses, after their crops were severely damaged by heavy rains, which devastated agriculture in Rwanda, especially in May 2020. So far, Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Board (RAB), states that at least six thousand hectares (6,000 Ha) of various crops which were ready to be harvested, were severely damaged by these disasters.

Most of people consider agriculture as a basic profession, as it safeguards all human being race’s lives, and it is the core of world’s economy.  With the outbreak of COVID-19, farming situation has even got worst and as a result of this, in partnership with EuroAfri Link, INGABO Syndicate put at heart most vulnerable farmer members, and offered them with the basics like face masks and soap to be safe from Coronavirus, and go on with their daily farming activities.

In collaboration with its partners, INGABO Syndicate organizes every year various activities with the purpose of promoting cassava crop.  This year 2019, with the partnership of AGRITERRA, the Cassava day took place on 21st November under the following theme ‘’Increasing the cassava productivity by strengthening cassava seeds growers’’