6th to 9th December 2022 Ingabo Syndicate will launch an event called Cassava Week 2022 with the theme: “Strengthening cassava value chain partnerships for sustainable and innovative solutions.” This event, which will last 4 days (from Tuesday to Friday),  will be officially opened in Muhanga district on Tuesday 

The Chief executive of Ingabo Syndicate said that this coming week, various sectors and partners will work together to find solutions to the problems still appearing in cassava value chain.

The chief executive of Ingabo Mr. MBABAZI François Xavier talks about  Cassava Week 2022

 “There are still problems to deal with at different levels of the cassava value chain. In agriculture, there are still problems in this value chain in terms of increasing production, diseases in the seeds, and even in commercialization." Said MBABAZI Franois Xavier 

He continued: “...When we talk about cooperation, you find agricultural promoters, loan providers..., financial and insurance providers depending on the nature of the disaster. All of them are needed in agriculture…”

Some farmers still have various challenges in agriculture including the scarcity of healthy seeds just as Mukamusoni Alexie said.

Alexie said: “So far, cassava seeds are few. They should produce more seeds for farmers, repair damaged greenhouses, and install new ones,... There is still a cassava brown strike disease. The macadamia variety started to get sick.”

Mukamusoni has a wish that these discussions expected to bring together different sectors and partners would be a backbone of solutions to the problems in cassava farming.