Cassava crop is one of the top sources of wealth for both Rwandans and foreigners, with research showing that it is one of the top five consumable crops for Rwandans. However, although it is clearly understandable that it has a large consumers, its production does not reach the level of satisfying at least all Rwandans.

According to some observers, the main reason for Rwanda’s lack of self-sufficiency in cassava and its derivatives is that farmers are not getting good quality seeds.  In order to increase production, they say, it requires a concerted effort by both the public and private sectors, so that the cassava farmers can get quality seeds.

INGABO Syndicate in seeds multiplication business

To address these issues, in collaboration with the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), as well as Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB), INGABO Syndicate is working with cassava farmers’ cooperatives in seed multiplication, so that farmers will be able to get high quality cassava seeds, and can cope with diseases such as cassava brown streak disease (CBSD) and Cassava mosaic disease (CMD).

Cassava seeds under multiplication processInitially, INGABO Syndicate is working with four (4) cooperatives in the Southern Province, including MBAKUNGAHAZE and KOUMBU in Ruhango District, ABAHIZI BA CYEZA in Muhanga, and KOMINYA in Kamonyi. The goal of INGABO Syndicate is to ensure that all farmers in the country benefit from this quality and reliable seeds.

Mr. MANARIYO Victor is an Agronomist at INGABO Syndicate. He says the multiplication process is now ongoing: “In collaboration with IITA and RAB, we have now provided seeds to cooperatives. We are now monitoring their growth, as well as other multiplication activities”.  Mr. MANARIYO also added that INGABO Syndicate aims to develop the cassava value chain, as its capacity was not in line with the needs of the cassava crop, such as the availability of cassava seeds in large quantities and in good on a permanent basis: “Our goal is to satisfy the market for quality and reliable cassava seeds across the country, so that no farmer will lose out on quality standard seeds.”

INGABO Syndicate is multiplying a variety of cassava seeds, including those that are more resistant to disease, more resistant to climate change, all of which are more productive than the existing ones.