Farmers were urged to adopt a more professional approach during a consultative meeting held at Splendid Hotel in Muhanga District on August 25, 2023, focusing on the promotion of Cassava Seed Multiplication.

The meeting aimed to enhance development and self-reliance among farmers. Organized by the Ingabo Farmers’ Syndicate in collaboration with the Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB) and the International Organization MEDA, represented by Dr. Julie Kariuki, it brought together cassava seed multipliers from Muhanga, Kamonyi, Nyanza, and Ruhango Districts of the Southern Province.

Also in attendance were representatives from the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture (IITA), including Mr. Samuel Mugambi, who expressed gratitude to the organizers and participants for their commitment to promoting Cassava Seed Multiplication. Dr. Kariuki emphasized the importance for cassava seed multipliers and farmers to collaborate closely with the Ingabo Farmers’ Syndicate and local government institutions to develop disease-resistant seeds for cassava and other crops.

During the meeting, Mr. Francois Xavier Mbabazi, CEO of Ingabo Farmers’ Syndicate, and Dr. Athanase Nduwumuremyi from RAB reiterated the call for cassava seed multipliers and farmers to embrace professionalism. They emphasized the need for accurate information on suitable seeds for specific geographical areas, encouraging them to serve as role models and examples for others in the industry. Additionally, they recommended that farmers register with the Rwanda Inspectorate Competition and Consumer Protection Authority (RICA) to promote transparency and standardization in their operations.

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