Being one of the value chain we promote, cassava is a staple food crop ranking third in country after sweet potatoes and bananas in terms of importance and the second crop with high yields per hectare. Cassava is among the priority crops to help cope with food insecurity. In Rwanda, over 700,000 families grow cassava who produce 1.7 million tons per year.​

These are the reasons among others that Ingabo Syndicate introduced Cassava week, an annual event that brings together all cassava value chain stakeholders, farmers, development partners and government decision makers. The objective of the event is to connect cassava farmers with the market players and with different partners who work towards development of the cassava crop in Rwanda.

Cassava week helps the partners to identify and analyse various challenges in the cassava value chain and and find their solutions.​

Ingabo Syndicate believes that it is important for cassava farmers to sit on same table with researchers, policy makers, business partners and development partners to discuss about the​ development of the cassava crop in Rwanda and search for a win-win environment​ for all the actors.​

Also, people get time to celebrate their achievements and pledge for the following year. This year, In collaboration with Rwanda Agriculture (RAB) and Kinazi Cassava Plant, Ingabo Syndicate organised its third cassava week in November 2020.