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INGABO Syndicate, the only farmers syndicate in Rwanda.

Ingabo syndicate is Rwandan farmers’ own voice organization that advocates to promote sustainable agriculture profession and farmers’ interests. Our aim is to make our voice heard as farmers on various decision-making platforms and be part of solution providers.

Message from the chairperson

Farmers are at the forefront of a food secure planet and a sustainable agriculture. However, farmers inclusion in significant agricultural development initiatives is still inadequate. They are simply considered as beneficiaries with very little or no decision-making power on the progress of their profession. Yet, we believe that there is a need for farmers to work together with other sector stakeholders in a bid to achieve mutual goal of a more sustainable agriculture. The development of agriculture sector requires increase in agricultural investment. It is high time that Agriculture get regarded as a business sector as other sectors have been.


We are farmers’ own voice. We strive to improve agriculture profession by advocating for causes that contribute to the technical and economic capacities of agricultural producers so that they become competitive players on the market.

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To have professional Agricultural Producers who benefit from their profession in Rwanda.



Iron beans





Cassava Week

Cassava week is our annual event that brings together all cassava value chain stakeholders, farmers, development partners and government decision makers. Cassava week helps the partners to identify and analyze various challenges in the cassava value chain and find their solutions.

Learn more about cassava week and check out our latest events.

Cassava Week 2023

“Best Cassava Seeds, Best production, Sustainable Food Systems, and Farmers Economic Growth”.

Cassava Week 2022

Farmers are called to be partners in the fight against negative effects linked to climate change.

Cassava Week 2021

Ingabo farmer’s syndicate strives to boost cassava production through promoting improved seeds. 

Cassava Week 2020

Cassava Week 2020 was held in Nyanza and Ruhango districts from from 17 – 19 November 2020 with the theme “Efficient investment in strengthening cassava value chain. ”

Latest From Our Blog

Ingabo Syndicate posts about its advocacy and lobbying initiatives as well as other activities on a regular basis; all in favor of farmers. Check our posts to stay UpToDate with us.